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Your Guide To Electrical Planning With Montgomery Homes

Your guide to electrical planning and lighting designs with Montgomery Homes

At Montgomery Homes, we like to think our key point of difference is the adaptability of our home designs. During the design and planning process, our customers have the opportunity to choose their internal and external colours, appliances, fixtures, fittings and so much more. 

As well as colours and fixtures, our customers also get to take part in electrical planning for their new home. Lighting is an incredibly important part of the design process — the placement of lighting fixtures and the lighting designs you choose can have a major impact on the atmosphere of a room.

Likewise, the placement of powerpoints can impact a room’s functionality and convenience. 

With this in mind, electrical planning is a major focus for our team. We want to make your new house feel like home, and getting the electrical floor plan right from day one is a must! 

In this article, we explain the electrical planning process in more detail and share some of our stunning lighting designs, so you can get inspired for your electrical planning appointment with our electrical specialists.

What to expect from your electrical planning appointment

After the tender presentation and a deposit has been placed, you will be invited to meet our third-party electrical specialist, Your Home Consulting (YHC), about the placement of light fixtures and powerpoints. 

YHC is passionate about making complex electrical plans simple. During the appointment, the team from YHC will provide recommendations and advice on configuring the electrical plan for your home including light points, light switches, nbn points, and powerpoint locations.

The team will listen to what you want out of your home’s electrical plan and provide a plan that is practical, functional, energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing. With this in mind, it would be valuable to jot down a list of questions to ask their electrical specialists to ensure you get all the information you need on the day.

Our range of lighting designs and options

To add your own personal flair to each room, consider adding stylish and contemporary lighting designs to add some extra character and elegance to your interior design. During the electrical planning process, you will be able to choose from an extensive range of lighting designs to add flair to the space. 

From pendant lights to extravagant chandeliers, you can incorporate your own unique sense of style into any of our home designs!

Here are just a few lighting design options to make your new house feel like home.


Downlights are lights that are installed in the ceiling for a more modern, minimalist look. Unlike pendant lights that shine light outwards, downlights shine down from the ceiling and can be used as task lighting or ambient lighting. 

Generally speaking, downlights also tend to be more eco-friendly than other forms of lighting. Most downlights use fluorescent or LED light bulbs which are designed to be more energy-efficient.

You’ll find clean, contemporary downlights embedded in the ceiling of our display homes’ rumpus rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and more! We love the look and feel of downlighting here at Montgomery Homes, and we’re sure you will too.

Pentant lights

For a touch of character, pendant lighting that hangs down from the ceiling via a rod, a chain or sometimes multiple chains is a popular choice among many home builders. They’re called pendant lights because they look like a pendant hanging from a necklace and unlike a chandelier with multiple lightbulbs, they have one lightbulb suspended down from above. 

Pendant lights are incredibly versatile. They can be used for general lighting, ambient lighting and task lighting, which is why you’ll find them hanging in our display homes’ kitchens, above dining areas, above bedside tables and even alfresco areas.

Chandeliers and Feature lights

Chandeliers and feature lights are perfect for adding a touch of flair to your lighting design. Our collection of feature lighting includes stunning chandeliers and decorative designer lighting, all made to “wow” your guests the moment they walk through the front door.

In many of our display homes, we have decorative lighting hanging in the entrance hallway, but you might also find some unique chandeliers hanging in children’s rooms, in the open-plan kitchen and dining area, or even in the rumpus room.

Based on the colour scheme you choose for your new home, our interior designers and the electrical team can help find beautiful feature lighting to enhance each and every space.

Exterior lights

Of course, exterior lighting is required for evening meals in the alfresco area and finding your way to the front door once the sun has gone down — but just because they serve a highly functional purpose, it doesn’t mean they have to be boring! 

Outdoor lighting can illuminate your stunning facade and landscaping in the evening, adding to the view from the street. We have a wide range of exterior lighting to enhance the look of your home by night including downlights and wall lights. 

If you’re thinking about atmospheric lighting for the alfresco area, there’s no limit to the possibilities! You can choose pendant lights, wall lights, downlights or even feature lights.

Placement of Powerpoints

Of course, powerpoints are an essential part of your electrical floor plan. Misplaced powerpoints can cause a lot of frustration, which is why Your Home Consulting puts a lot of thought and planning into your powerpoint placements! 

While the number of powerpoints throughout your new home depends on the design you choose, there are some key areas where correct powerpoint placement is an absolute must: 

  • The living room: powerpoints are best placed behind the couch for lamps, electric recliner chairs, and phone chargers, whereas powerpoints behind the TV cabinet are ideal for TV, game console and DVD player connectivity.
  • The kitchen: think about all the major appliances you use in the kitchen, then add one or two more just in case. You can even add powerpoints to your island bench for small appliances.
  • The bedroom: powerpoints are best placed next to or behind the bedhead for alarm clocks, phone chargers, laptops and more. However, it is also recommended to have powerpoints in the corners of the room for vacuum cleaners and TVs.
  • The office: a well connected home office is now more important than ever, so a powerpoint just above desk height (or just below) is recommended to hook up desktop computers, laptops, screens, phone chargers, lamps and more.
  • The bathroom: powerpoints are best placed above the bathroom basin to power your essential grooming tools like shavers, hair curlers or straighteners, electric toothbrushes and more.
  • The alfresco area: don’t forget about outdoor entertainment! Weather-resistant powerpoints are ideal for your alfresco area so you can plug in electric heaters, TVs, outdoor kitchens or pizza ovens and fairy lights.

For optimum electrical performance, we use Clipsal powerpoints and light switches in our home designs. Available in a wide range of sleek colours, functionalities and designs, Clipsal powerpoints are our preferred choice — and our customer’s choice — for connectivity throughout the home.

Create a stunning lighting design for new home with our interior design and electrical spacialists

Love the look of our display homes’ lighting designs? Take that inspiration and create something truly special with our experienced interior designers and the electrical specialists from Your Home Consulting!

The highly knowledgeable team of electrical experts from YHC can provide expert electrical planning and design recommendations, so your new home will be both stylish and functional from the moment we hand over the keys. 

Get the home building process started with Montgomery Homes. Contact us for a free site inspection today, or check out our Inspiration Gallery for more lighting and design ideas.

Meet the team from Your Home Consulting, and find out more about the Selections Journey with Montgomery Homes.

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